Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Target Swimsuit Review

I can't believe it's already May. I wrote some of this blog last week while I was in Southern Utah visiting my family. I was laying on my mom's bed in my fleece cheetah print robe, I had the windows open and was watching Bravo TV. I intended to post that same day, but kept finding ways to distract myself from writing and it worked because, here I am a week later and still have NOTHING - haha :) I need to blog because it's been awhile (months), but I find writing to be a chore because it doesn't come easily to me. I feel like don't have strong writing skills and am very insecure with how to use and apply grammar correctly. 

I feel vulnerable (trying to) writing and expressing my thoughts. I know, it's just fashion and it's just swimsuits, but all of that is important to me and something I'm very passionate about. It's crazy because in person I can talk to just about anyone, about anything and at any time. I am super comfortable in social settings and I don't have difficulty vocalizing my opinions on plus size fashion, swimwear and fashion in general. This is a random rant and another way to distract myself from finishing this up.  I just had to get that off my chest and...maybe one day I won't suck at writing :) 

As you know, I LOVE swimwear. I love finding a good deal and have never spent over $60 on a swimsuit. For me, it's not in my budget and because I want to build my swimsuit collection, it's not practical to spend more than that amount. I appreciate that Target offers a wide variety of swimsuits. Who doesn't love having multiple options that are fashionable, cute and affordable? I am excited to feature one of my favorite finds from Target because the color is amazing. This swimsuit definitely gives me the sexy Baywatch vibes :)  I've provided a breakdown of all the swimsuit details below my pictures. I hope my review gives you enough information to help you decide if you'll purchase this red hot swimsuit. 

  • STORE - Target
  • PRICE - $29.99
  • SIZE - Women's XL
  • FIT - First, I have to mention this. If you have boobs larger than a size D this will most likely NOT work for you. There is NO built in wire bra for support and this is a high leg cut one piece. It has a low open back so, that's good for more sun exposure to get your tan on. Slits reveal upper part of side stomach showing some side boob too. In conclusion, this is not a lot of body coverage for a swimsuit and has little to no boob support. 
  • COLOR - I've already mentioned that I LOVE this color. It's not your classic red. It's more like a super bright neon red.  

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