Sunday, November 27, 2016

Beach Style Fashion

Hi guys!  So many wonderful things have been happening for me including this blog relaunch. For those of you that are new, welcome!  And those that have been with me, THANK YOU!  It feels so good to be creating again.

With this relaunch my main goal is to remain my authentic self but also introduce my new beach life-style fashion. I was born and raised in Hawaii and then moved to southern Utah and raised there too.  Living in those two climates, I was always surrounded by water. As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized that I feel most myself, free and beautiful at the beach. I love anything to do with the beach, especially the fashion part. This blog will mainly feature clothes associated with water, i.e. bathing suits, two-pieces, shorts, tank tops, swim dresses, sandals etc.

I just moved from Salt Lake City, Utah to live in Los Angeles and I am ONLY less than an hour away from the beach!  I now live in a place that fits who I really am.  So, naturally I’ll feature my beach style fashions.  Thankfully, I am still wearing shorts, tube top dresses and sandals.  I hear it gets colder in January & February, but it’s not the cold I’m used to so I’m looking forward to wearing summer clothes year round.

I am a fashion blogger who tailors to my audience which is mainly plus size or curvy women. Because I felt I was larger than the majority of people I was surrounded by, I grew up having to convince myself that I was special, loved and beautiful. I have had my ups and downs with accepting myself but a few years ago after attempting to run a half marathon (made it to only mile 3), my eyes were opened to the fact that I not only wasn’t capable of working out, but I finally saw that my weight was out of control. I decided to hire a personal trainer who taught me how and why to love myself by taking care of my health. While working with her, I was inspired to start this fashion blog. The theme has always been about self-acceptance and positivity. With this blog, I also incorporate conversations with my readers about where I found plus size clothing and why I like what I bought and wore.

For my first post, I decided to feature my favorite plus size swim wear brand. You guys, if you haven’t purchased a swim suit from Swimsuits for All, you are truly missing out! I also want to honor who I am and showcase what I am all about — bright colors, the beach and a good time. Enjoy the pictures below and keep scrolling - to get swimsuit details.
  • PRICE - I bought this on sale for $55. Swimsuits For All is always having a sale. The average cost per suit is around $60. There are many affordable swimsuit options.
  • QUALITY - This is NOT thin or cheap fabric. Going to the beach can be rough on a swimsuit, but I've always been impressed because the material is durable. You get a well made swimsuit for a reasonable price.
  • FIT - The underwire bra provides amazing chest support. Quality swimsuit material is a tight fit.
  • STYLE - Trendy and up to date patterns. Company offers multiple styles from bathing suits, bikinis, tankinis and swimwear.

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