Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Affordable & Stylish Denim

Before moving to California, I got rid of most of my winter clothes, including jeans. I can only count on one hand how many denim pants I own.  I went shopping last month for these jeans and want to break it down for you as to why I purchased at Old Navy and give you a review at the same time.

When I go shopping, there are always two concerns I have - price and fit.  Because I don't have a lot of cash (yet) to spend on clothes, I shop on a budget.  I am practical spender.  I rarely splurge.  While I pay attention to pricing, I mainly care about the fit and style of denim on my Amazonian build.

When you are my size (over 6 ft. tall with a16ish in. waist), it's hard to find denim that fits right and is an affordable price.  I purchased these denim jeans for only $36 from Old Navy on sale. The reasons as to why I purchased these jeans are listed below.
Photography by Kim Shelby             

  • STYLE - I love the subtle rip at the knee and the color of the denim wash.
  • FIT - This is stretchy denim, but a snug fit too. it slightly sits above my hips and holds my body in.
  • PRICE - Affordable.
  • SIZE - Old Navy carries plus sizes from 16-30. I am wearing a size 16. 

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