Back to black...

You probably already knew this, but Forever 21 has an amazing plus size section. So many trendy options at such an affordable price. If you haven't been into any of the Forever 21 stores  you can also shop online. There are 2 in the Salt Lake Valley (City Creek & Southtowne Mall).

This outfit is def. (pregnant & post pregnancy) Kim Kardashian inspired. I love her glamorous simple style.  I don't typically wear cardigans because it makes me feel bigger than I am & it's not really my style, but I had to try this over the black body con dress. It's really comfortable material and I got this 2 piece outfit for only $40. 



I finally found some essentials to add to my wardrobe. Even finding basics or essentials in plus size is difficult, but I am happy to report where I found these items. Below I list my finds and why I like them. I travel for work so I am always looking for comfortable, practical and casual outfits for the airport. This basic outfit are all those things and stylish :) This will be in rotation as one of my summer “uniforms” I’ll wear often.

SHIRT: Found this basic black tee at Maurices for under $30. It’s a size 2X and it is super soft fabric. It also is long enough for my tall body. For all you tall girls go try Maurcies 24/7 tee!

PANTS:  I have to talk about this denim. I LOVE this crop slim fit, but it's hard to find! I'm a size 20, tall and curvy. I can't just put on a "tall" and it works. I found these at Torrid for $60. I love Torrid denim. It's my FAVORITE store to purchase denim because what they carry is trending, quality and affordable I will def. wear these out. I also own this same style in grey and black.  

SANDALS: The last pair of Birkenstock's I owned was when I was 6th grade. I know I’m not the only one who wore these as a kid! I love how comfy and casual Birks (so easy to slip on and off at airport security too) are.

PURSE: It’s a knock off! I can’t afford a real Tory Burch purse (or other designer bags) and I don’t have a rich boyfriend so for now I only wear knock offs :) haha

Leather Skirt

This outfit may look familiar and because one of my favorite celebrity TV personalities, Nene Leakes wore this similar outfit over a year ago. Since seeing her in a denim top and a fitted leather skirt I knew I had to have the same outfit! It took me months to find a plus size (faux) leather skirt until Rebel Wilson collaborated with Torrid last fall. She had this skirt in her first collection. I’m wearing a size 2 in this picture, but its super snug now because of all the winter weight I’ve put on. The front of the skirt is faux leather and the back has a zipper and stretchy fabric. If you need more room in the back the skirt gives you that space.  

Yesssssssss it's warmer weather which means I will be posting outfits once again!d I usually take a break around winter time because I hate the cold weather and I don't like winter clothes either. I can't feature something on my blog I am not a fan of or feel amazing in. 

SKIRT & PURSE: Torrid HEELS: Lane Bryant DENIM TOP: Old Navy 

Sweater time...

This sweater has been a staple for me this winter. I hate winter clothes for so many reasons, but I won’t go off about that - I’ll save it for another post :)  Anyway, I have found many of my winter basics at Target this year. If you are looking for a store that carries your size and at a inexpensive price please go to Target and work your way into Maternity department too.  I always talk about Maternity because it works! Target is affordable and fashionable for plus size women and I love that I have options there. 

I made these ripped denim and will soon post a DIY on ripped denim!

              Sweater: TARGET Denim: Forever21 Necklace: Lane Bryant Boots: Torrid

Denim & Details

 I decided to button up my shirt and add a statement necklace close to the collar. I've never tried this before and I like it because it adds something more to this simple top. I usually wear black denim with my denim shirt. I made this pair of ripped jeans. I grabbed scissors, cut slits where I wanted and then 2 min later I had myself a new pair of ripped jeans. I wanted to finish this outfit by adding in a cheetah print. I got these flats at Nordstrom Rack (end of summer) for $30 in a size 12. 

WHAT: Boyfriend (denim) shirt


COST: $32


WHAT I LIKE: Fit – I’m 6 feet tall. This shirt is long enough and has enough room for my large chest. Comfort – it’s a soft fabric that is structured, but still easy to wear.

Summer to Fall

For me fall weather doesn’t mean I need to immediately layer, wear a coat or even stop wearing short sleeved summer shirts. I am not a fan of cooler weather or the wardrobe that accompanies it. Because I get overwhelmed by the change in weather and change in clothes I have to remind myself that I just need to start simple.

In these photo’s I’m wearing fall colors and that's a good enough start for me. I'm wearing a Marsala colored (studded) heels, a textured material cream top and grey denim skinnies.

I usually avoid textured material because it typically doesn’t fit or sit well on my tall and curvy body. Does anyone else have the same hesitation? I'm so glad I  decided to pull this off the rack and try it on because it's so cute on me. You should totally try new things you don't usually feel comfortable wearing because you could be surprised that it works for you just like this top has worked for me :)

I’d encourage you to start your fall transition by taking a small step by simply changing the colors you wear. 

Love you for stopping by xox Tanya :)

PANTS: Torrid TOP: Old Navy HEELS: Torrid

Grey Textured Maternity Sweater

I shop maternity even though I’m not pregnant. Is that okay? Yes. Is that weird? No. Ladies if you aren’t finding options get out of your department (or where you are looking) and try elsewhere. Trust me; you will not regret doing this. I always have a few things to try on and even purchase because I shop either in maternity of the men’s department.

I am tall and curvy so the way maternity is designed fits well on my body. The length of maternity tops is longer so it works for my tall body (I’m 6 feet tall). The stomach stretches or is made with extra material in that area. I have large breasts so having that extra material allows room for my chest. Woot!

I am happy with the results the maternity department gives me and I would encourage you to try shopping in this department.

WHAT –Textured Sweater

WHERE – Target (Maternity)

PRICE -$30

WHY – Fit & it’s comfortable 

Summer Dress up

I purchased this sexy cocktail dress this past summer from Torrid. I love this dress because it's made of scuba material. This material is heavier, stretchy and fitted. Although it's heavier textured it actually hugs the body which gives you a more slimming effect. I also love the cut of the dress and cool fabric design.

This is the last of my summer outfit posts. Thanks for stopping now and go to the bottom of the pictures for my outfit details :) xo Tanya


DRESS: Torrid HEELS: Nordstrom Rack

Last of Summer...

Do you have certain outfits that you consider a "uniform"? Something you wear a lot more than maybe you should? Ha! Well, this black dress was that for me this past summer. I am giving you Jlo realness here and I love it :) I love that accessories like hoops, a hat and delicate jewelry can help complete the outfit, even for this simple and casual black dress.

Outfit details are at the bottom of these sexy pics! Love you for stopping by :) xo

DRESS: Target (maternity) SANDALS:Torrid HAT: Gap NECKLACE: Nordstrom 


My first FRIDAY FIND is here…

·         WHAT: Heels - Marsala colored with gold/silver studs

·         WHERE: TORRID (carries up to shoe size 13!)

·         WHY: Style, size, comfort & versatile – I’ve worn to work, the airport, but can also be worn with skirt or a night out with the girls. 

·      PRICE: $12 (in store clearance at the time)

Happy Finding & Shopping. Love you for stopping by xox Tanya :)


Almost every time I go shopping I leave empty handed and full of frustration. I usually feel pissed, sad and annoyed. Pissed at myself for being larger than the sizes they carry in the store and sad that I’m losing weight slower than planned and then annoyed that I leave with zero options.

Because I’ve experienced this for many years (even at my healthiest size 14) I really don’t enjoy shopping at all! It’s probably not wise for me to admit this since I am a fashion blogger, but I am just being honest. The struggle is real when it comes to finding cute clothes in my size that fit my body type.

I remember how relieved and happy I was when I found Torrid – a plus size fashion boutique.  I was 24 years old and shopping at a mall in Sandy, Utah. I entered that store not knowing it was specifically for plus size only. I saw this adorable mini yellow skirt. I looked at the tag and was surprised that they carried my size along. I could not believe what I was seeing. I tried on the skirt and it fit perfectly so of course I bought it. Leaving the store I was so excited and remember telling myself that I was going to spend all my money there because I actually walked out with something cute in my size. That felt so good!

I want you to have the good experience while you shop.  Weekly I’ll be introducing new stores so you can get what you want, need and like. I believe that what you wear is relative to your self-esteem and I am 100 % here to help you feel better about yourself because YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Thanks for stopping by! Xox Tanya :)

First of Fall - Cheetah & Stripes

I LOVE that I can transition into Fall clothes slowly this year because here in Salt Lake City we still have warm weather and green tress. It still feels like Summer and I love it!

The only 2 items of clothing in this outfit that I consider to be “fall” attire are the cheetah print flats and black skinny jeans. I love wearing red lips with stripes because it seems to enhance this pattern making it not look too casual. Stripes fill up my closet so you’ll see a lot more of this pattern in the coming months. More outfit details at the bottom of these cute pictures. 

Love you for stopping my blog to see my first transitional fall outfit :) 

Tanya Xo

PANTS: Torrd TOP: F21 FLATS: Nordstrom Rack NECKLACE: Kate Spade WATCH: MK  

Scuba sweater part 2

Last week I wore this scuba sweater as a casual outfit. Part 2 features an outfit more dressed up. I love the material to this top because it is fitted even though the material is thick. I purchased this scuba sweater at Torrid a few weeks ago. Don't you love these sexy heels? I found them at Nordstrom Rack a few weeks ago too. I love them  so much.

How to wear a SCUBA SWEATER

This material is so comfortable! The scuba sweater is made out of stretchy thick material that isn't light weight. I love that this material feels a little padded, but doesn't add any extra inches. As you can see it's slimming. I found this at Torrid for $13 a few weeks ago. I love that this sweater can be dressed with something casual like these white jeans. Stay tuned this week for part 2 of how I dress up this scuba sweater. 


IMG_3169 - Copy
IMG_3155 - Copy
IMG_3185 - Copy
IMG_3216 - Copy

I purchased this DENIM top from Target in the MEN'S SECTION! Yes, you heard that correctly! I have had the best luck this past month getting many tops from the men's section :) This DENIM shirt can easily be dressed up with jewels and lip stick!

 I LOVE that the arm length is LONG and that the shirt is fitted and snug! It moves great with my curves, but it's not super tight. Think out of the box next time you are trying to find something that is trending. Maybe you'll find it in other departments like I have! Happy shopping! xoxo

DENIM TOP: Target SKIRT: Old Navy EARRINGS/NECKLACE: Shop Bangled PURSE: MJ SHOES: Payless Shoe Source LIPS: Sephora RED lip stain  WATCH: MJ

Bring out the LEATHER

IMG_0862new head


This leather jacket is a blast from the past :) I got this at Forever 21 2 years ago for under $35. This sweater is from GAP in the Men's section. My little sister Tori gave me this idea because she gets some her daughter's clothes and shoes from the "boys" section so I knew it could apply to me as well. Okay, so these BOOTIES from Torrid are so fun and so not something I'd usually wear, but I am thinking it will be a winter staple for me. Have a great Sunday and week Ya'll.

LEATHER JACKET: Forever 21 DENIM: Forever 21 BOOTIES: Torrid SWEATER: Gap (mens) WATCH: MJ PURSE: Forever 21 NECKLACE: Shop Bangled