Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Beach Feels

I love the beach so much! I can't even put into words how being there makes me feel. Seeing the waves repeatedly crash into the sandy shore puts me in a trance. Smelling the humid salty air, and then hearing the sounds of the moving tide - it's all so therapeutic for my soul. I get an overwhelming feeling of ease and happiness. The ocean forces me to be present and still, making me feel at one with the elements around me. Sometimes I shed a few tears because I'm emotionally impacted by it all. I've been away from the ocean for so many years and didn't realize until recently how it's often a spiritual experience for me. 

I enjoy people watching, collecting shells, sun bathing and eating my favorite snacks on the beach. You know, all the relaxing stuff. With that being said, I don't actually like getting into the ocean - it freaks me out! All the under the water sea life I can't see, just HORRIFIES me! I mean as a kid I was unafraid because I was naive. It wasn't until the age of 9 (after moving to Utah from Hawaii) when I watched an episode on National Geographic where the killer whales come to the shore and eat the sea lions. I had no idea sharks or large fish could come that close to the shore or even move like that. I have annoying ocean stories all because I am afraid. This one time in high school my family and I were swimming at Waikiki beach and my uncle Todd took me surfing. Before getting out far enough to the waves to learn how to surf I sliced my toe open on the coral. Naturally I freaked out. I put my bloody foot on the surf board and paddled so hard to shore all the while my uncle was laughing telling me I'd be fine. I was on the verge of tears trying to convince him the sharks could smell my blood and was on their way to get me. Ignoring the pain from my sliced toe, I ran out of that ocean so fast. Also, when I was on vacation in Australia last November I couldn't even get my whole body into the water. The beaches there are incredible and the most beautiful I've seen. This one afternoon I kept trying to fully get in, but I couldn't do it. I know I'll get the chance to dip in those waters again and maybe a try a full body swim.

About 2 summers ago I did something pretty daring at a beach in Malibu. I decide that day I'd face my fears and get in the water to not only cool off, but to hang out! 
I had to talk myself into it and get hyped up and it worked. I swam in the waves and laid on my back floating for about 5 minutes. While being in the ocean I had to keep telling myself that if I get bit by something or eaten by a shark it was just my time to go. I know, so damn dramatic and I obviously survived...haha! It was liberating, fun and so scary!!! I haven't done that since and am NOT planning on doing it again especially since there's been a lot of shark sighting at the beaches I swim at here in Southern California. I can't handle thinking about how close to the shore sharks have been. 

I LOVE being at the beach, but not getting into the ocean. 2 different things for me:) Keep scrolling down to read my review on this halter denim swim dress.
  • STORE - Old Navy
  • PRICE - $12 on sale last year
  • SIZE - Large
  • DRESS - Light weight denim halter top dress. Perfect for a swimsuit cover up when going near the water. It is a thin material that is a little see-through so I wouldn't recommended wearing it as an outfit unless you put a slip on underneath the dress. This is a drop down halter dress with no cinching at the waist. Length hits right above the knee and has 2 front square pockets.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Target Swimsuit Review

I can't believe it's already May. I wrote some of this blog last week while I was in Southern Utah visiting my family. I was laying on my mom's bed in my fleece cheetah print robe, I had the windows open and was watching Bravo TV. I intended to post that same day, but kept finding ways to distract myself from writing and it worked because, here I am a week later and still have NOTHING - haha :) I need to blog because it's been awhile (months), but I find writing to be a chore because it doesn't come easily to me. I feel like don't have strong writing skills and am very insecure with how to use and apply grammar correctly. 

I feel vulnerable (trying to) writing and expressing my thoughts. I know, it's just fashion and it's just swimsuits, but all of that is important to me and something I'm very passionate about. It's crazy because in person I can talk to just about anyone, about anything and at any time. I am super comfortable in social settings and I don't have difficulty vocalizing my opinions on plus size fashion, swimwear and fashion in general. This is a random rant and another way to distract myself from finishing this up.  I just had to get that off my chest and...maybe one day I won't suck at writing :) 

As you know, I LOVE swimwear. I love finding a good deal and have never spent over $60 on a swimsuit. For me, it's not in my budget and because I want to build my swimsuit collection, it's not practical to spend more than that amount. I appreciate that Target offers a wide variety of swimsuits. Who doesn't love having multiple options that are fashionable, cute and affordable? I am excited to feature one of my favorite finds from Target because the color is amazing. This swimsuit definitely gives me the sexy Baywatch vibes :)  I've provided a breakdown of all the swimsuit details below my pictures. I hope my review gives you enough information to help you decide if you'll purchase this red hot swimsuit. 

  • STORE - Target
  • PRICE - $29.99
  • SIZE - Women's XL
  • FIT - First, I have to mention this. If you have boobs larger than a size D this will most likely NOT work for you. There is NO built in wire bra for support and this is a high leg cut one piece. It has a low open back so, that's good for more sun exposure to get your tan on. Slits reveal upper part of side stomach showing some side boob too. In conclusion, this is not a lot of body coverage for a swimsuit and has little to no boob support. 
  • COLOR - I've already mentioned that I LOVE this color. It's not your classic red. It's more like a super bright neon red.  

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Beach Print Swimsuit

It's Australia's summer season and I wish I was there right now!  Luckily,California still has decent beach weather.

I paid only $3.99 for this Beach Print swimsuit from Forever 21 in July. I LOVE the print, design and price of this swimsuit.  What I love about Forever 21 is that they provide plus size swimsuits that are affordable, cute and trendy. I can't wait for their new swimsuits to launch in 2017!  They always have great options.

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